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19th Century Writing

Students use a quill pen, inkwell, slate and a slate pencil in this examination of writing in a 19th century Canadian school. Exercises include learning about proper school etiquette, practicing perfect handwriting and making a quill pen.


Cuneiform Writing

Using a stylus and a plasticine tablet, students are introduced to ancient Mesopotamian writing. Activities include writing simple sentences in cuneiform and examining a reproduced ancient cuneiform tablet.



By comparing a 19th century quilt sample with a modern version, students explore the technical mastery and traditions of this craft.



Students are introduced to the concept of flight and classification of feathers, such as down and decorative.


Japan: Writing

Using an ink brush, ink stone and ink stick students are introduced to Japanese writing. Other exercises include an examination of Japanese characters, signature seals, and a modern Japanese publication.


Japan: Toys & Games

This examination includes playing with contemporary and traditional Japanese toys and games. Activities include drawing a kokeshi (wooden) doll, designing a Japanese kite and learning how to play Jan Ken Pon.


Japan: Food

A selection of Japanese dishware and utensils introduces students to traditional and modern Japanese cooking. Areas explored include food preparation, dishware decoration, and learning how to use chopsticks (hashi) and a rice paddle.